Printed Parts

Yuniku, the world’s first vision-centric 3D eyewear

Technical specifications:

3D-tailored eyewear is designed entirely around your face and your vision. Regular spectacles can be customized only to a certain degree. The frame and fitting are a given, and the lenses have to be adjusted to suit them. Yuniku, by contrast, uses a revolutionary vision-centric approach. Advanced software calculates the ideal position of the lenses in relation to our eyes, and then 3D-prints the frame accordingly. For the first time, you can enjoy the ultimate in optical precision, without compromising on style or fit.

Technology highlights, information and use cases:

In the highly competitive consumer goods industry, a finish can make all the difference. As more and more companies turn to Additive Manufacturing to make better products, stay ahead of the curve by choosing the best finish for your 3D-printed products. We offer you Materialise Luxura: a premium consumer-grade finish to ensure your product looks and feels like the winner that it is.

The Materialise Luxura finishing degree, available in a range of contemporary colors, is designed to deliver the ideal aesthetic, tactile feel and quality assurance for your product. Choose the finish your product needs to gain the maximum added value.

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