Printed Parts

Velleman Vertex Delta

Technical specifications:

A low-cost yet high-quality tripod FDM-printer, with a layer resolution of 0.05 mm to 0.2 mm. The printer has a print speed of 20 – 75 mm/s and boasts an automatically calibrated print bed.

Technology highlights:

The Vertex Delta is an all-round and reliable 3D-printer designed to print refined objects for your projects.

Aside from the excellent print quality and user-friendliness, the Vertex Delta also comes with a lot of innovative perks to make your 3D-printing experience more engaging and pleasant. Advanced safety features, a filament run out detector and automatic calibration and bed compensation are only a few of the latest technological additions. This Vertex comes as a hybrid kit which means that after a straightforward and quick assembly, your Delta 3D-printer is ready to serve you.

Information and use cases:

Velleman wanted their Vertex Delta to have a new edge and an acceptable price; aside from the fundamental requirements like the excellent print quality and its reliability, this 3D-printer has a lot of other innovative perks.

Child mannequin