Printed Parts

Total temporomandibular joint prosthesis

Technical specifications:
Surgical grade PEEK and titanium, printed using Selective Laser Melting (SLM).

Technology highlights:
The total TMJ (temporomandibular- or jaw joint) prosthesis is partly 3D-printed in titanium. This technique was chosen because it allows the integration of a scaffold into the implant that promotes the ingrowth of tissues.
At the inner, bone touching side, the scaffold enables osseointegration (bone ingrowth into the implant), leading to a strong and stable connection, as the bone and implant unite. Higher up, near the condyle, the scaffold allows the attachment and ingrowth of the pterygoid muscle, which would otherwise become useless. This muscle is extremely important to maintain the natural feeling and lateral movement of the lower jaw for the patient. CADskills is the only TMJ prosthesis manufacturer worldwide that incorporates this feature and has patented it.

Information and use cases:
The TMJ prosthesis has recently been launched for clinical use. However, CADskills is already working on a second generation. The goal is to go one step further in patient specific solutions to obtain the holy grail. By designing a prosthesis that is perfectly collaborating with the natural joint on the contralateral side, a longer prosthesis lifetime, full natural mouth opening and full rehabilitation comes in sight.
These technologies are also applied to other fields like to dental rehabilitation (AMSJI) and is being transferred to orthopedics.

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