Printed Parts

Topology optimized wrench

Technical specifications and technology highlights:

Designed using topology optimization: a method of reducing the weight of a structural part while still maintaining rigid structure. Printed using Laser Metal Deposition technology by LCV in Powder 316L stainless steel.

Information and use cases:

This wrench was designed by a student from Thomas More university college and manufactured by LCV. It shows the possibilities of light weighting a structure with the aid of topology optimization. These complex structures are hard to manufacture with subtractive manufacturing methods such as CNC milling. That’s why LCV is the perfect partner to manufacture these type of products: with their Laser Metal Deposition and cladding technology, they can manufacture large and complex parts. The LCV-Form offers high speed 3D-printing: LCV prints a 500 mm high manifold in less than 3 hours. This opens new possibilities for Near Net Shape (NNS) 3D-printing. Other applications include gears, cutting tools, punching dies, etc.

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LCV, Thomas More
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