Printed Parts

Temporary Crown & Bridge (teeth)

Technical specifications:

Printed with light-curing composite for temporary crown and bridge using SLA technology.

Technology highlights:

In order to serve the demand in the dental market, GC started the development of dental 3D-printable materials. Based on its 97 years of background in dental materials, and specialized in light curing materials, the choice of using SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) as 3D-printing technique was obvious. Nevertheless, the precision of the end product may vary, depending on the geometrical design, device and orientation of the printed part, as well as the material properties itself. Every 3D-printed realization in dental applications, is unique as very person has a different anatomical tooth shape.

Information and use cases:

The first 3D-printing products of GC were shown at the international dental fair IDS 2017, being a model and a temporary bridge with CE certified material. The first clinical application, a 7-unit bridge, was placed in a patient’s mouth in August 2017. It was experienced as a very easy to handle material for both dentist and dental technician, and it was perceived by the patient as very comfortable and aesthetic.

The product will be launched on the European dental market in 2018.

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GC Europe