Printed Parts

Soft wearable wristband - interval meter demonstrator

Technical specifications:

Stencil printing of liquid metal on SMD components embedded in silicone rubber.

Technology highlights:

This wristband showcases a hybrid soft circuit, meaning traditional rigid components were combined with soft conductive paths in a silicone matrix to attain an assembly which is soft and stretchable as a whole. The extraordinary part of this demonstrator lies with the fact that it is a fully embedded device. It encompasses a coin cell (power), logic unit (microprocessor), input (touch pad) and output (indicator led’s). In addition, all components where combined in a single production step.

Information and use cases:

The wristband’s program functions as an interval meter. Its envisioned context is that of a runner who wants to keep a steady pace. These kinds of devices are not new at all. The point of interest lies with its implementation. We already have seen devices which bend (commercial phase) and stretch (research and spin-offs). This device represents the next wave: soft electronics which can be implemented even more conformable to their environment than ever before. It is a fully integrated soft, stretchable device in context of the PhD thesis of Steven Nagels at IMO-IMOMEC. Main applications areas are human-computer interaction, bio sensing and soft robotics.

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