Printed Parts

Smartwatch casing: frame and back cover

Technical specifications:

The frame was 3D-printed in Titanium and post-processed by Raytech using SLM technology. The back cover was 3D-printed in Resin using SLA technology.

Technology highlights:

The smartwatch configurator runs on Twikit’s engine enabling live customization on any digital platform. The frame is built by Twikit’s advanced parametric product builder where all further customization boundaries are determined. After the configuration is set, the unique 3D file of the watch is automatically generated and linked to Raytech’s production unit where it will be 3D-printed and finished carefully. The combination of the unlimited design variations and the quality of titanium 3D-printing results in a new way of making products.

Information and use cases:

Where smartphones have cases available in different colors and shapes, the smartwatch is limited to the color and material of its casing or wristband. As a smartwatch is a young product, companies are still exploring the customers demands and carefully picking safe combinations of shapes and styles. With Twikit’s parametric customization engine and Raytech’s premium quality metal printing this is about to change. The outer frame, which used to be uniform within different smartwatch brands, can now range from a classic design to a more sportive look, printed with high accuracy in durable and light-weight titanium. The design is adjustable in an intuitive interface, that can easily be implemented in e-commerce platforms or POS applications.

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