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Smart helmet with lattice structure for cushioning effect and auto-localisation

Technical specifications:

3D-scanning of human head by Formando; 3D design and topology optimisation by Formando and Materialise; 3D-printed via HP Multi Jet Fusion in PA12 by 3iD.

Technology highlights:

The helmet is designed to perfectly fit the shape of the user’s skull by 3D-scanning and modelling. The inside of the helmet consists of a lattice structure, generated automatically by the Materialise Magics Structures Module and 3-matic Lightweight Structure Module, enabling you to convert a solid 3D model into a lightweight version. A lattice structure can be applied to reduce the weight of the design, or to reinforce it. Other advantages include: saving powder (raw materials), temperature control, design freedom and perfection.

The separated shells around the lattice structure create a cushioning effect, which is energy-absorbent and distributes the impact. Electronics have been built in to localise a person when he or she has fallen. The HP Multi Jet Fusion technology combines high-quality with low-cost production.

Information and use cases:

This is a conceptual helmet that resolves several issues in one go: the shape is custom-made for a comfortable fit; the shock absorption reduces head injuries as much as technically possible; the built-in electronics (with accelerometer and GPS) send an alarm signal to a control room when wearer has fallen. This helmet can be the perfect solution for people suffering from epilepsy or other falling diseases, or for operators working in high-risk environments.

Male mannequin
3iD, Formando, Materialise
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