Printed Parts

Smart driller

Technical specifications:

The drilling machine is truly an end-product (composed of mechanical parts, motors and electronics). More than 90% of the weight of the structure has been 3D-printed in titanium. Connectors are 3D-printed in plastic material. The titanium parts are printed with so-called Electron Beam Melting technology (EBM).

Technology highlights:

The advantage of using titanium 3D-printing is an optimization of the strength to weight ratio, a minimization of the number of parts to assemble, as well as an integration of numerous functions (mechanical and thermal). The specific advantage to use EBM, is to get an accurate part directly from the machine, without a need for thermal treatment. In addition, the productivity is superior to laser, which leads to lower costs.

Information and use cases:

The Smart Driller has demonstrated that 3D-printing allows to design and produce better products, and the capabilities of the Smart Driller for aerospace are superior to any other drilling machine on the market. And it comes at a very competitive price. This smart design and production can be reproduced for other industrial products or tooling. That’s what AMT-Titastar is doing for its customers in various industries.

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