Printed Parts

Phits Insoles – custom orthotics

Technical specifications:

Printed in PA12 using SLS technology.

Technology highlights:

Phits Insoles are the world’s first and only true translation of personal dynamic gait analysis parameters in a 3D-printed foot orthotic. 3D-printing enables RS Print to incorporate local stiffness and directional stiffness into the core of the orthotic. Too often, 3D-printing is used as a marketing gimmick in orthopedics, Phits insoles goes beyond that point to make mass customization a reality.

Information and use cases:

RS Print was founded in 2014 as a joint venture of Materialise and RSscan. The Phits Insoles brand was launched in 2015. Over 150 Phits experts in 20 countries are already improving thousands of people’s lives with Phits. The Phits experts network consists of podiatrists, orthopedic technicians, fysiotherapists, occupational medicine and specialized retail.

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