Printed Parts

Personalized shoe lace locks

Technical specifications:

Polyamide, dyed and powdershot blasted with a dirt and water resistant coating.

Technology highlights:

This part was created using the fully automated Dimension4 supply chain platform for personalized 3D-printed products. Thanks to the built-in optimization algorithms of the platform, the part was manufactured quickly and very cost effectively (less than 1 euro), with near-zero human intervention. The part itself is made from a strong and flexible polymer (PA2200) that was treated to be water and dirt resistant.
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Information and use cases:

The shoe lock is a product that beautifully demonstrates the potential of 3D-printing for end consumer products. With products like these and an efficient, automated supply chain, online retailers can now easily sell personalized goods. Thanks to 3D-printing, no stock is needed and each product can be made available in different variations without a cost penalty.

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