Printed Parts

Made to measure Bantu shoe, based on biomechanical principles

Technical specifications:

Selective Laser Sintering technology in Polyamide (PA).

Technology highlights:

Handcrafted shoe production and 3D-printing have a lot in common: its use of materials and time and its focus on the individual. After scanning a person’s feet ‘a made to measure’ shoe is printed in specific 3D-printed material. The link with the indigenous counterpart, a Bantu shoe made out of vegetable tanned buffalo hide, is clear both in aesthetics and in biomechanical properties. A full analysis of the indigenous model that served as main inspiration was published and is freely available under DOI:10.1002/ajpa.23169.

Information and use cases:

Future Footwear Foundation stimulates progress in our understanding of human locomotion and sustainable footwear for body and environment. Inspired by the convergence of traditional wisdom and modern technology, the research project Future Footwear 2.0 at KASK School of Arts aims to bring sustainable production and individual needs closer together through 3D-printing.  This concept is materialized by the shown prototypes. The products will be on the market early 2018.

Male mannequin
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