Printed Parts

Lower leg

Technical specifications:

Laser metal deposition (‘laser cladding’) technology with 316L stainless steel powder.

Technology highlights:

The LCV-Form benefits are design freedom, fast delivery, and high speed 3D-printing: LCV prints a 500 mm high manifold in less than 3 hours. This opens new possibilities for Near Net Shape (NNS) 3D-printing. Applications include gears, cutting tools, punching dies, etc.

Information and use cases:

With 3D-printing by means of laser metal deposition, tracks of molten metal are applied to a base plate or substrate. These metal tracks are deposited in layers by melting a powder (which can be supplied co-axially or laterally) by means of a laser. Stacking these metal tracks on top of each other enables us to create three-dimensional objects. Since multi-axis laser nozzles and substrate clamps are used, there is no need for a powder bed. This opens up new degrees of design flexibility.
This additive shaping technology enables specific structures and even gradient materials to be built up on existing substrates.

Female mannequin