Printed Parts

Insole with pressure monitoring

Technical specifications:

Printed using Filament Deposition Modeling (FDM): a low-cost technology offering solutions for high-end challenges.

Technology highlights:

Embedded pressure sensors continuously monitor step behavior; it is the integration of “smartness” in the design that turns a relatively simple 3D-printing technique into a true solutions-builder.

Information and use cases:

Many researchers at the VUB are active in the field of prosthesis development. Using electric motors and springs, active prostheses control the movement of knee and ankle, based on a step pattern. The actuation of the prosthesis is based on the feedback of a step monitoring device. The integration of pressure monitoring inside a 3D-printed insole serves as feedback for the step controller, allowing actuating ankle and knee in time. Being less painful than other step monitoring devices and suitable for use in out-of-lab conditions, it is a suitable solution for active prosthesis control.

Female mannequin