Printed Parts

Fully 3D-printed glasses

Technical specifications:

The eyewear frame was printed in titanium (TiAl6V4) using DMLS – powder bed technology. The lenses were printed in E-Shell 600 biocompatible material.

Technology highlights, information and use cases:

The eyewear frame, produced by Raytech, is completely 3D-printed in titanium which makes it light, durable, rust-proof and anti-allergic. By using metal 3D-printing, unique products can be manufactured tailor-made and fully personalized.

Tenco DDM printed tailor-made lenses. Transparent glasses have been printed using DLP technology in bio-compatible material and both mechanically and chemically polished. Using 3D-printing, fully transparent parts can be generated to evaluate liquid flows, to evaluate optical models and to make end-use parts as the transparent material is UV stable. Patrick Hoet, creator of world’s first metal 3D-printed glasses, provided the design of the spectacles.

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Raytech, Tenco DDM
Tenco DDM
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