Printed Parts

Full-colour hand

Technical specifications:

Printed with the PolyJet Matrix technology on the Stratasys® J750 by Seido Systems.


Technology highlights:

Polyjet models are smooth beautiful and ready to handle without additional curing or post-processing. By doubling the number of nozzles in the Stratasys J750 printheads an increased throughput is realized in combination with ultra-smooth surfaces and fine details with a layer thickness as fine as 14µm – about half the width of a human skin cell. By loading up to six materials at once, the Polyjet technology is able to produce true, full-color parts with texture mapping and color gradients or producing multi material parts with improved mechanical properties by the use of digital materials.


Information and use cases:

If seeing is believing, holding something this real is knowing for sure. The Stratasys J750 delivers unrivaled aesthetic performance to your brightest ideas and boldest ambitions, including true, full-color capability with texture mapping and color gradients. Create prototypes that look, feel and operate like the finished products.

With the capability to blend colored, clear and flexible materials voxel by voxel, the J750 can create multi-material models such as surgical-planning models that save lives, shorten operation time and improve the patient’s recovery. Other applications include prototypes with final-product colour, labels and realism; accurate anatomical models for medical device testing; tools, parts and prototypes in a wide range of colours and material characteristics, all in an easy, streamlined 3D-printing workflow.

Child mannequin
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