Printed Parts

e-NABLE prosthetic hand

Technical specifications:

Printed using FDM technology in PLA (polylactic acid).

Technology highlights:

Developed collaboratively by people all around the world, the e-NABLE hand is designed with ease of printing and assembly in mind.

Information and use cases:

From two men working together across 10,000 miles to help one child in need – to a global revolution and movement of thousands of digital humanitarians who are helping thousands of others and paying it forward: e-NABLE is a platform for providing 3D-printed hands to children in need. Accessible, cost effective, and colorful. All to improve their life, provide an aide that will give them more flexibility, boost their self-esteem. It is a platform of volunteers, some with medical background, some with a background in 3D design and printing, all with a drive to help people. The wonderful and ever growing e-NABLE Community of volunteers are using their 3D-printers to create free devices for children and adults with upper limb differences.

Child mannequin
Artevelde University College