Printed Parts

deltaRocket Pro

Technical specifications:

High-quality FDM-printer according to delta principle with autocalibration. Layer thickness from 80 to 300 micron and positional accuracy from 0.1 mm. Print head with unique magnets suspension.

Technology highlights:

During the development, sustainability (e. g. linear guides), quality (delta principle, autocalibration) and ease of use (e. g. heated bed) were the main parameters taken into account. Hence the choice for a delta FDM printer. The print head is attached by means of solenoids to reduce backlash to a minimum. This also increases the print speed. Due to the heated print bed, several types of material can be used (PLA, ABS, PETG, etc.). Thanks to the autocalibration, the printer is truly plug-and-play, and can be controlled by USB or SD Card.

Information and use cases:

The printer was developed to be durable, user-friendly and of a superior quality. A plug-and-play printer that delivers the desired accurate results every time, with fully automatic calibration for each printout. The open design and reliability makes the printer a perfect fit for educational use as well.

Child mannequin