Printed Parts

Customized toolholder and belt

Technical specifications:

The belt is printed using a low-cost FDM printer with a polyamide filament. The belt is designed to be spiraling, in order to be able to make a longer part. The belts’ flexibility was created by applying a smart, hollow design.
The toolholder was designed to match the 3D-printed wrench. It was printed in PLA on a low-cost FDM printer.

Technology highlights:

Inexpensive and easy accessible 3D-printing technology. Polyamide gives strong, yet flexible products. The material is strong and wear-resistant.

Information and use cases:

Prototype and proof of concept; real applications are quickly built, e.g. for tooling parts, small (non-critical) machine components, etc.

Male mannequin
Ghent University (P3Lab)