Printed Parts

Ceramic inteverbral

Technical specifications:

Silicon carbide intervertebral printed using SLS technology.

Technology highlights:

Via Selective Laser Sintering, small silicon and silicon carbide powder particles can be fused together to form a Silicon-Silicon Carbide preform. After post-processing, a near-fully dense ceramic part is obtained. The use of AM for the production of ceramics allows for more design freedom and could open up new possibilities for these materials. Si-SiC for example is light, stiff and has excellent thermal properties, which makes it a suitable candidate for various applications in the aerospace or micro-electronics industry.

Information and use cases:

KU Leuven has 30 years of AM experience. Material development in all technical classes is a main focus. Ceramics have historically been challenging to form into complex shapes. By using selective laser sintering, high temperature technical ceramic materials can be produced with a high degree of design freedom. Laser sintered Si-SiC is currently not yet available on the market.

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