Printed Parts

3D-printed knee protection on workwear trousers

Technical specifications:

Centexbel printed unique knee protectors, designed by Artevelde University College, with TPU filament using FDM-technology onto workwear trousers.

Technology highlights:

By printing directly onto conventionally produced substrates, additional assembly steps can be avoided and unique products can be made. The design of the 3D-printed knee protector can be made person-specific (by body scanning) resulting in optimal comfort for the user. With the selection of the right 3D-printing materials and textiles good results can be obtained in terms of adhesion onto the textile and washing properties.

Information and use cases:

3D-printing directly onto textiles (or other substrates) is a rather new process ready to be introduced into the industry as an additional technology for various applications, e.g. tailormade reinforcements on textiles or specific connector parts. Further assembly steps can be avoided, smart devices can be integrated, other functionalities can be added, etc.

Via 3D-printing every piece can be customized easily. Further research is being conducted to optimize design & process parameters, to enlarge the scope of printable materials and technologies and for an optimal integration into current production processes.

Male mannequin
Artevelde University College, Centexbel