Printed Parts

3D-printed connectors

Technical specifications:

Sirris designed all 3D-printed connectors on the Family of the Future skeletons. Prints in PA12 via Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and other technologies.

Technology highlights:

Design for Additive Manufacturing is still an expert job; Sirris fully masters this expertise and offers individual support at every step along the way, from the drawing board stage right through to prototype development and pilot tests for finished products.

SLS-printed components are strong and of very high quality. This technology is also very suitable for producing both small and larger series. As no support structures are required, a large complexity of the components can be obtained.

Information and use cases:

The combination of 3D-printing and standard parts: an efficient and modular solution that changes the way fixtures are designed and manufactured, and offers a high degree of customization and accuracy, applicable in many industries.

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